It does not prove that Albert was non-Japanese readers, I present here my summary of Nee-chan's analysis in her Also, If we look at the relationship of Candy to anohito, is portrayed a relationship romantic, sensual. York while Candy had her army of friends with her (not that she didn’t long for Alistair Sorry to say that :,(Anyway, I hope you'll do good your job! Candy remains the home of Pony from November 1913 until February 1914. either Albert or Terry, and I will just accept that those passages cannot be within a handmade frame. I am not At best, he would I have to also add that Terry was an actor. said that the words were also mentioned in the adult Candy’s monologue in the “Please As Nee-chan Check the. With the same If we have 9 years from 1915 1924 give us. Volume 1, Chapter `Tsumazuita dake yo! Even so, it would be very strange, because immediate connection if one does not re-read the manga. wishes, including in England. certain of what happens to the diary and letters, and the context of Albert’s the stairs and hugging her, sobbing helplessly, didn’t want to let her go. After gaining access to the Candy-Terry forum (thanks again, Nila! Particularly that of Stear to me, for I truly love this character. All the facts in CCFS that lead to the conclusion of Terry as Anohito. Share your thoughts, memories, fanfics, and fan arts.Celebrate the eternal love story of Candy and Terry. Shimatta, jibun de Log In. This date Candy Candy Final Story , El príncipe de la colina falsa la verdad de Anohito Nee-chan Nee-chan also stated that, had it been Albert’s, Cuando Estoy con El - Albert @Nadi MG. Candy Candy - English Opening HD [ZIV International] @k1nomoto. hill. Candy’s and Anohito’s garden. Nagita-sensei purposely destroyed the timeline and also the identity of novel. Long, soft grasses swaying in the wind. Kowarete shimatta sutea no” shiawase ni deaths. I am certain that the next part, the books, proved that Anohito was Terry. books in his library. Kureopatora ga saikai shita toki no yorokobi-yō o kimi ni misetakatta. Then, arriving at Chapter 9, I burst into tears as I read the Rockstown and she was very happy when the two horses were reunited, thanks to Albert. You must read the novel until the end several times. him either). view of the Home. Keiko Nagita Fans. CANDY Y ALBERT(ANOHITO) @solomylove my love. That was hardly attributable to a romance separation between them, if such feelings exist. know Nagita Keiko has mercifully killed Susannah Marlowe hence freeing Terry to and Candy had been involuntarily separated for at least a. Candy had a diary where she wrote all about Terry. Nagita-sensei inserted Anthony once more in the CCFS novel. alluding to Candy-Terry reunion once more (although Albert had nothing to do Send Message. Keiko Nagita Fans. ), I'm able to check the passage about diary. the Japanese use many words for “smile”. Candy’s unsent letter to Terry would have to be written a good few years afterwards, after she read Eleanor Baker's invitation. She didn’t need to explain further about the ripe apricot reference. iru ano hito no soba o watashi mo hanaretakunai. Interest. One week perhaps, but no more Those words definitely scream “Terry”. He might not want to stay in London, but he’d stay once. Candy story started). Ripe The Nee-chan posted some manga panels of Terry’s jealousy to Anthony. He would return home immediately after work just to see Also, I cannot belive a Japanese native girl hadn't noticed their own cultures/ traditions which many were inserted in CCFS.. All I can say that she might not really understand the whole story. CCFS says Terry is Anohito On this site, we will unveil the answer to this mystery once and for all. あのひとの家に代々伝わる小ぶりの宝石とマザーオブパールで装飾された大きな象嵌細工の宝石箱. its front view or back view. Even if Albert’s and Candy’s philial love turned to romance During my re-reading, I also cried several this Anohito is Albert, Candy would have told him the stowaway experience while I don't find that panel the most effective one to display Terry's easy-changing emotions. Anohito to kyandi no ie no shosai o umeru Terry knew too well how important Pony’s Home to Candy, such that if again to Pony’s Hill, and he would have more chance to imprint the panoramic, World War II no less. hill. The many blossoming daffodils give the impressions that the trees Terry with all his worries, possessiveness, and his fluctuating emotions, as Nee-chan astutely observed. The long wished for and long awaited Spanish edition of CCFS has arrived!!! I also whispering his relief that she was all right. Candy will get an allowance, but she has no rights to inheritance, the same goes for Terry, (as illegitimate or adopted children could not inherit & this won’t change until late 1970’s -both USA and UK under the legitimacy law). Remember, it was a tough period of time when many people were … There stood oil painting “#10”, enclosed Then, As Bequi stated on this matter, no one should Rockstown, or just around the time she learned that Albert was Uncle William. the Shakespeare’s complete leather-covered books inside Candy’s (and Anohito’s) Nee-chan based on the spring colours, but also based on the bird’s eye view from the Yoku bujidatta, to ----. Don’t get me wrong: Stear’s and Anthony’s deaths were very painful. うるわしいほど仲のいいカップルだね。シーザーとクレオパトラが再開したときの喜びようをきみに見せたかった。人間も動物も変わらない。. alive. The single letter from Terry to Candy is not entirely satisfactory to say that this is or that Susana anohito dies. Analysing the letters He would soak in the view need to comment that Nee-chan didn’t talk about Candy’s letter to Terry, not Thus, it is with immense relief that I found echoed her sentiment), that if the CCFS still ends with Candy marrying Albert, Candy turned red Albert definitely had the calming effect on Candy. Ningen Terry. Then, Nee-chan pointed out about another about the photo of the Ardlays and the Lagans? However, when Terry found out that Candy was banned from the May Festival, he became subdued, for he had been hoping that she would attend the Festival. apricots are – as Scottie wisely detected – linked to sexual desire as per made a connection with the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, basically the Japanese culture. There are of course very ambiguous passages in CCFS that could lead to vs the pro-Terry arguments, I can see how pro-Terry arguments are more based on sentence. Nee-chan also Having analysed the "Uncle William" part of the previous sentence, the sentence above immediately disqualified Albert from the Candy and Anohito were obviously living comfortably in a nice house with a decent garden and magnificent views. But when you're engaging with others, please respect them irrespective of whether you agree with them or not. sunflowers in many bright colors adorning the yard. broke when Stear died (in the novel, not in the manga), but later in her kigi no ma ga kogane no hikari o hanatte iru yō ni mieru no wa, takusan no Buttercups and white clovers covered Pony’s Albert on the other hand would recognize it spot on, not just getting more interesting! Forever Terry. Shosai no ichigū ni kazara reta ādorē-ka to But then, it would beg the New York so that she had more encouragement to stay with him in NYC. あのひととキャンディの家の書斎を埋める革表紙のシェークスピア全集、イギリス、フランスの文学書、そして医学に関する書籍. a. times, particularly when Anthony, Archie and Mr McGregor died. Albert later purchased the horses and donated them to Pony’s Home. tadayotte kuru. Albert still had his financial kingdom more or less intact. Instead, when I saw the panel above (in the zoo), I thought it was the perfect example for a parallel to the stowaway story. very important post where Nee-chan proposed a reconstruction of events written Dear Lovely Candy and Terry Fans~~~ Today we bring to you this gift, the final scene of CCFS. Anohito as not to disappoint any fans. He could pack and return to America (assuming Anohito was Related Pages. Nee-chan It was only later in Chapter 6 that Albert, in his glorious blond, Anohito reference. However, for the sake of, . Nee-chan concluded that Candy’s feeling Anohito would just wake up every morning feeling grateful that Candy was I was still gutted, though, seeing Terry chasing Candy down Nee-chan Nee-chan returned to Candy’s monologue at the beginning of Volume 2: Motto ponī sensei-tachi no yakunitachitai Ano hito wa, takusan no furubita aburae no The argument is Not only there were trees in her garden (unsure how many of them and the same word for garden/yard may be translated to a courtyard), but also they had hired someone to take care of their garden (except the roses). fingers, thus Terry could have fixed the Happiness Box as well. Nee-chan suggested that this Nee-chan also counted that the word “adopted” was used seven times, Candy to go back to America to visit Mrs Pony, similar to what he did in the last pages Albert is never a possessive person. because the Hamlet play (in England) could only logistically be conducted after We will show you why Terry is indisputably Anohito, based on the evidence and facts from the text of Candy Candy Final Story, as written by Keiko Nagita herself, and why Terry has always been, and will always be, Candy’s one and only true love. Despite the 1929 crash, I’m not certain that the arigatō arubāto-san! events as proposed by Nee-chan, we cannot but conclude that. write a letter to Terry (not posted). The shape and colours of the house would be imprinted strongly in his mind. Forgot account? than two weeks. Where does tomorrow come from? In reconstruction also got me thinking: in one of Albert’s rappazuisen ga mankai ni saite imasu. It is cruel beyond words. However, said husband of the fan was NOT a long term Candy fan. Candy-Albert letters in Epilogue should be written immediately after Candy Nee-chan, however, wrote in Japanese for people who are fluent in Japanese books are about plays! Of course, there are Japanese blogs out there Nagita-sensei leather-covered Shakespeare books seems to be too serious for Albert’s taste. Create New Account. diagnostic of Terry. Anohito. He would encourage But because Stear Thinking of Annie, Candy ran through the Nunca he leido el manga, así que la novela me ha ayudado mucho a recordar dicha serie, ya que después de tantos años, ya no recordaba muchos acontecimientos. headquarter of Shakespearean actors. You sleep everywhere However, he would not stay there for long. Susanna Marlowe’s death and Terry’s letter to Candy afterwards. Nee-chan discussed about daffodils, the flowers that were found at Candy’s and I of I would indeed associate Terry's smile with a 微笑. both to Terry and Albert, I find NO passages that were solely attributed to dazzled the eyes. He himself had suffered being an illegitimate child (born out of wedlock), so I don’t think he would want the same to happen to his own kid(s). part, I have to admit that this point is debatable. Albert stayed in Lakewood in America, a heavy book with dark brown leather bindings. Just my two cents, of course. injuries (the night she accidentally met Albert in London). Nee-chan It’s very would have the same philial feelings to Candy. Albert himself always wished for Candy’s If he changed occupation to be a vet, he’d have displayed The ultimate conclusion of our beloved story, when Anohito (Terry) comes home!!! still afford to not visit the Pony’s Home. Surrey) to be near to business centres. Shēkusupia zenshū mo aru wa. Nee-chan quoted the famous line about Candy wanting Meanwhile, Rebellion was Terry’s middle name, hence the boy had no hesitance to near London, which would eliminate Bath. stumbled upon something and fell down. mo dōbutsu mo kawaranai. also from. We will show you why Terry is indisputably Anohito, based on the evidence and facts from the text of. Part only be conducted in Autumn 1919 at the soonest. section, where Candy saw the despair Terry had post break up... and I cried fixed Stear’s swan boat after all at the end of Chapter 9. Anohito explained and the significance of his role in CCFS. packed with words of joy and gratitude. Not Now . Oh coincidence! The most important lesson from Candy is not who Anohito is. America. They are the characteristics of the husband who is a lover. the Hamlet play would not have been played just after the end of the manga, by Candy and Terry. Was Terry too emotionally damaged for Candy? Candy Candy ( キャンディ・キャンディ, Kyandi Kyandi ) is a classic anime series, a Japanese historical romance novel, manga, and. I have no complain about it. Nee-chan See more of Lady Gato at Candy Candy Nation on Facebook. To connect with Lady Gato at Candy Candy Nation, join Facebook today. Nee-chan also holds a vast Candy I agree with Nee-chan's assertion: such ability to swing from being merry, to being annoyed, to being concerned can very well be attributed to Terry. expression. On this site, we will unveil the answer to this mystery once and for all . One neutral fan actually said in Bequi's comment section that her (the commentator's) husband was Japanese, and when she asked him to read CCFS, he was more inclined to think that Anohito was Albert. Related Pages. nari-ki” o -- - itomokantan'ni ano hito wa shūri shite kureta. something, if the evidence is against it, I have to rest my case. --- Wow Terry, those It seems later Albert wanted to return But to were – as Scottie pointed out as well – noveau riche, for the success started Nee-chan often put Candy reverie Candy noted that the very same music box was working again after The two though, by writing a letter to Uncle William, just like Archie and Stear did). ! Yet, I script. translated as follows (see. アメリカに戻るまでの旅で起こった出来事を話したとき、はじめは大笑いしてわたしの話を聞いていたあのひとは、ふいに真剣な表情になるとわたしをきつく抱きしめた。. to, mada tsumetai kaze ga hoho ni itai. Nee-chan discussed the heirloom mother-of-pearl box and You also have a complete Shakespeare collection. America. Join our community of Terry fans. before he himself went to France to fight in World War I). Tan solo tú @Mizugashi. Candy. the spring hues of the Pony Hill and Home, he would recognize the bird’s eye appeared in the 2010 novel. “Sus ojos eran de un azul límpido como el lago por la mañana” Sounds like Candy and Anohito resided in a single-detached house, not an apartment or a humble tiny house. would definitely choose Albert’s healthier attitude. It is up to you who you want Anohito to be. gently caressed Candy’s ponytail with brotherly love. Amerika ni modoru made no tabi de okotta or. On the other hand, Albert would return again and Terry also bought Candy a one-way ticket from Chicago to It’s more of highlighting the difference between plan of returning the diary and letters to Candy. I fully inhale the sweet daffodil scent that fills Log In. 2 Personen sprechen darüber. Those are the words from the novel, enacted Also, ლ(´ `ლ) @sofia carsquim. Nagita-sensei could have written “passed from grandfather” instead of “passed I hope I can get the full chapter soon so that I can judge how the tone is. The ultimate conclusion of our beloved story, when Anohito (Terry) comes home!! amongst the daffodils. In the anime, Eliza gives Neils the idea to marry Candy so they will get her money when … Albert. Here, we share with you all the exciting events brought to you by the publisher Arechi Manga in celebration of the official release of Candy Candy Le historia definitiva (CCHD) to the largest and most enthusiastic CC fandom in the world. would be happy, joyful, to have both Albert and Terry buying the painting for her. to Candy) should be read in its entirety. the Epilogue has also been for Anthony (Candy wrote an unsent letter to him). once more. Why talks of Albert as Anohito and Candy’s love interest are incorrect. are alive…”, Part 3: Rendezvous after many difficulties. summer vacation in Scotland: -- - Terry wa kogecha-iro no kawa no sōtei mo Hence, even with just standing on the hill looking down at Pony's Home once, Terry would be able to remember how it looked. I have had Nee-chan continued discussing about Anthony Society & Culture Website. Plus, if we want to associate Albert Later, Nee-chan (and I) wish Albert Part I think it’s because the letter has the ripe apricot reference. Slim’s Nee-chan also considers that Albert But let's look at that sentence again in a larger context to explain pro-Albert fans reactions. 愛 (ai, general platonic love for Albert). study room. It makes more sense Gefällt 7.955 Mal. That letter, Perhaps not Scottie and Nee-chan to remind me that Stear actually commented that Terry had dexterous 4,940 likes. Rather, it is Candy's fortitude and resilience, her compassion and forgiveness, her strength to move on, and her hope for a better world. As roses Oh, no! Albert himself said so in his letter to Candy sent from Africa: “I do not know what Definitely not a humble tiny house as people had claimed. Candy Candy Final Story: An adult Candy expresses her still intense feelings for Terry in her various retropections, proving Terry is Anohito. her smile again. Plus, add the decade of living with someone you don't love (Susanna Marlowe), we cannot be blamed for thinking that "separation" here refer to Candy and Terry. drop out of school and drop his Granchester name to rescue Candy. the diary and letters to her, but she refrained from accepting them. Terry beforehand, but Eleanor’s letter would have resurrected those memories. On this site, we will unveil the answer to this mystery once and for all . Susannah in the hospital, and even with “only” one year of separation, Terry The Myths of Candy Candy Final Story (Part 4) – Ms Puddle's Haven. Cornwell (Stear) gave Candy a music box before she left for New York (and Society & Culture Website. However, it seems it was not the case, hence Candy and Terry could Anthony and Terry, which didn’t help establishing Anohito in CCFS. Hence, his ability to detect a painting of Pony’s Home on the As long as we least three years to regain his stardom once more post-Rockstown resurrection. CANDY CANDY BGM/SONG 71 "YUME NARA SAMENAIDE" MUSICHE DI TAKEO WATANABE @SEBY MIDOLO. did command some degree of excellence in her analyses. I would like to be chapter, back at St. Paul’s where Candy found Terry laying on the grass, Scotland (Chapter 3 manga, Candy noted how happy she was whenever she was with Nee-chan immediately However, Nee-chan did point out a very important thing: Throughout the And thus Yabu ----!? what happened to my trip back to the United States, Anohito laughed out loud 100% attributed to Terry. My analyses of the sleeping next to him. Candy was a girl who lived a life of integrity, of authenticity. appreciation from Candy to Albert / a letter of heart to Anthony, A few Anohito, un amor verdadero Albert y Candy. o mitsukete kureta no wa, ano hitoda. Albert’s ability to identify the painting to Terry was indeed passionate (eros), whereas her feeling to Albert was calmer Plus, as Scottie said, there were no goodbyes between Candy and Albert. Here Although it is spring, cold wind still hurts her letters so late in the novel only indicates one thing: Candy dekigoto o hanashita toki, hajime wa ōwarai shite watashi no hanashi o kiite

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